Hyped About Kronos 3? Read Here.

Kronos III is being released today. What can you expect?

  • 18 month patch release timeline
  • 6000+ active players
  • No vague item shop / account auction on Twinstar
  • 30% XP boost when playing in party with a friend
  • And hopefully, No chinese gold spam.
This Merchant Doesn't Like You. Vanilla Kronos 3 WoW.

That Merchant Doesn’t Like You.

Last but not least, we have seen how a gameplay can be ruined with massive spamming on Light’s Hope Lightbringer, a continuation of the original Nostalrius Begins legacy through Elysium. Well, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t buy gold. You know how the saying goes “Time is Money, Friend”. There are few web spots from where you can obtain legit, hand farmed gold with security in mind, so we suggest you a visit to this page. V7 are selling Kronos 3 gold since day 1. Ofcourse, you can’t just jump in and buy a thousand packs right away, but even the smaller packages consisted of 10 or 25 coins will give you a great boost ahead of every one, and you won’t struggle to learn the spells. Dinged 40? Cha ching, you can get a 100g package and ride that sweet mount of yours!

See you in-game.

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