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Nostalrius Begins Continues with the new server called Northdale

Yup, it’s real since exactly 20 days ago. Light’s Hope, the uhm… “real” representation of the Nostalrius Begins legacy finally released Northdale, yet another Vanilla Classic WoW Realm. The release made Lightbringer feel like a cemetery, there are barely 1000 people online. The good, or not so good news are: There are over 11000 – yeah, eleven-thousand people online and active at all times. It’s a gank fest in Stranglethorn… you should try it. And if you try it and survive, you will most likely spent every hard earned gold and silver on gear repairs. You will need gold for mount on level 40. You will visit this Northdale gold page which will make your life a bit easier. You don’t like your class? No problem – there are at least 100 Northdale Accounts for Sale on the same website. Thank me later. Oh and btw, you can connect with the same team on Northdale (Maptia), Northdale on Github and ofcourse, Northdale on Shivtr.