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Powerleveling, Boosts & Level 60 Accounts for Classic WoW Available on Gold4Vanilla

A yeah has passed since our last post and the launch of Light’s Hope: Northdale , and there are good news on the horizon! Blizzard’s version of Classic WoW is to be launched on 29th August 2019, almost 18 months after the initial announcement in November 2017.

All of the playerbase is eagerly waiting for the launch date, we guess there will be millions of Classic WoW players waiting to pop up in the starting zones and start to tweet about how hard Vanilla WoW actually is.

For players looking to speed level to 60, we saved some leveling guides on Pinterest. On average, it takes more than a month day-by-day playtime to hit the maximum level in World of Warcraft: Classic. There are those of us who can not allow ourselves such luxury, so there is where powerleveling services come in handy.

In terms of gear appearance and looks, check this tumblr account – it has a nice set of galleries and WoW Classic art.

What can we expect in Classic WoW?

Millions of players swamping during the first days and weeks and then leaving for BFA once they realize the Classic WoW difficulty. There will be standard PvP Ranks 1-14, 40 Man Raids, PvP, PvE, RP and RP-PvP realm types, NA (North America – US), EU (Europe), and AU (Oceania) game servers with French and German speaking realms for some of the European realms.

Gold, Accounts, Boost and Powerleveling Web Shops?

The old websites and V7Gaming were recently rebranded into Vanilla.Games and Gold4Vanilla – you can purchase your lovely services from both of those sites.